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Notable Publications from CHE Fellows and Graduates:



Lewis Williams, Rose Roberts, Alastair McIntosh, 2012. Radical human ecology: intercultural and indigenous approaches. Farnham, Ashgate.

“Below the clamor of a bustling world, this volume imparts the seeds of a radical alternative for human ecology. They lie beneath surface: amid the whispered voices at the margin, in the praxis of traditional spirituality, along the dusty road of post-modernism, and from the ivy halls of science. This is not the human ecology of a prehistoric fireside or an academic symposium. It is an unconventional and timely pedagogy of hope.”
Professor Richard Borden, Society for Human Ecology / Rachel Carson Chair in Human Ecology at the College of the Atlantic

Nick Wilding, 2011. Exploring Community Resilience. Dunfermline, Carnegie UK Trust.

Dave Key, Margaret Kerr, 2011. WWF Natural Change Report: Catalysing Leadership for Sustainability. Dunkeld, WWF Scotland.

Nadia Johanisova, 2005. Living in the Cracks – A Look at Social Enterprises in Britain and the Czech Republic. Dublin, Feasta.

David Reid, 1996. Sustainable Development: An Introduction. London, Earthscan.

Orin Gelderloos, 1992. Eco-Theology: The Judeo-Christian tradition and the politics of ecological decision making. Wild Goose Publications.



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Alastair McIntosh

Alison Phipps



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