The Centre for Human Ecology’s Statement on the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global emergency that is unprecedented in our hyper-connected world. To help slow down the spread of the virus, the Centre for Human Ecology (CHE) will adopt the best practice recommendations of the World Health Organisation. To support home-working for all, courses and events planned for the coming weeks and months will now be offered in an online format. We will send specific updates as to how this will be enabled, starting with the U-explore course due to commence next month.

True to our co-operative values, we wish to express our concern for, and solidarity with, those who are hardest hit by the pandemic – whether that is on health, social or economic grounds. The effects of long-term social distancing and isolation on our social and emotional fabric is also likely to be significant. Our deepest respect and gratitude goes out to all those who keep life-supporting infrastructures going, and we encourage all our friends and associates to connect with mutual support efforts where possible.

Over the coming months, we want to be part of efforts to maintain connections by using the online spaces available to us, and in person once it is safe to do so. This crisis brings to light what truly matters — our health and those who work to support it; our connections with each other and with our places and communities. These are the priorities which must guide us in rebuilding our economies after the crisis, and which will be highlighted in our educational offerings this year.

With warmth and solidarity,

The Centre for Human Ecology