CHE Library, 2nd Floor, The Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 3UU (near Govan underground station)

Booking essential: free, or gift what you can. All funds to to our speaker and to support our charitable work.

You are warmly invited to CHE’s first event of the new year, a roundtable blether led by Ian Wight.

OVERVIEW: How might we go about making a place we can all call home? What do we make of place? What rates as place? What’s the story here, the underlying poetry?

We’ll look into what we might mean by place, especially vis-à-vis space, wondering about its sacred and secular attributes, and its combination of primalcy and potency. It will encompass attention to our ‘sense of place’, in terms of sensing place within us – an inter-meshing of ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ sense-making. We’ll prospect what we might regard as the qualities of place, with particular interest in place as an integration of physicality, functionality, conviviality and spirituality. And we’ll speculate on the essence of place as something we make together, as a form of coming home together. What metaphors, or story-lines, or poetry, might resonate as part of our common meaning-making?

About Ian Wight:

Ian, a Canadian Scot, has been – in roughly equal measure, over the past four decades or so – an educator of professional planners, and a professional planning practitioner. He is now exploring his refirement in his native Scotland, kindling his abiding passions, which include an advocacy of planning as placemaking, as wellbeing by design. Ian’s most recent academic credential is a Diploma in Human Ecology, through CHE, in 2009. He loves a really good blether that bridges the personal, the professional and the spiritual – drawing on an integral perspective.

Ian served as the Head of the City Planning program at the University of Manitoba from 2003 to 2008.
He is a long-time member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. He was a founding board member of the Council for Canadian Urbanism and an inaugural member of the Integral Institute.


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