Video by Stuart Platt of Gerry Hassan’s 16th April 2014 talk at CHE in Govan on his latest book Caledonian Dreaming: The Quest for a Different Scotland

We are pleased to have Gerry Hassan joining us at the next in our series of public talks. Gerry will be sharing the ideas contained in his new book, ‘Caledonian Dreaming: The Quest for a Different Scotland’. Join us for an evening exploring Scotland’s radical stories and future.

About ‘Caledonian Dreaming: The Quest for a Different Scotland’
Caledonian Dreaming examines the state of contemporary Scotland, the context of the independence referendum, what it means and its wider consequences. It challenges some of the central assumptions of public life and politics and identifies six myths that define modern Scotland – from the notion that it is a land of egalitarianism to the idea of educational opportunity and that power is regularly held to account.

Hassan analyses the strange condition of the United Kingdom – a place of increasing inequality, right-wing politics and limited democracy – and one with a growing obsession with celebrating and manufacturing the past. He forensically examines the shortcomings of Scottish society – from the ‘missing Scotland’ of voters disconnected from public life to the collusion of Labour and SNP on most issues bar independence.

Yet while Britain’s political classes and elites are unwilling or unable to challenge the current state of the UK, Scotland has the potential to become a modern, progressive, democratic country – aided by the creative energies and passions unleashed by the independence question.

Hassan critiques many of the prevailing ways of thinking about Scotland and politics – from that of ‘official Scotland’ to the left, nationalists and ‘civic Scotland’. He concludes that the conventional ways of doing politics and social change are increasingly being challenged, and that in places, a culture of self-determination is emerging which offers the prospect of a very different Scotland.

“An intelligent, brave and much needed contribution to the debate around the referendum in Scotland” Elaine C Smith
“This is a remarkable book – balanced and brave, insightful and incisive, intelligently blending the personal and the political.” Sue Palmer, Author, Toxic Childhood

About Gerry Hassan

Gerry Hassan is a writer, commentator and thinker about Scotland, the UK, politics and ideas. Hailed by the Sunday Herald as ‘Scotland’s main public intellectual’ , Gerry has written and edited a dozen books in the last decade on Scotland and the wider world: from the setting up of the Parliament, to its record, policy, indepth studies of the Labour Party and SNP, and looking at how we imagine the future. Gerry’s activities include facilitating events, discussions and conversations which bring people together in Scotland and across the world.

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