July 2016: [Roundtable] The Human Ecology of Drug Use

A Rountable facilitated by Mike McCarron where discuss drug policy in Scotland was discussed, together with the wider social, personal, and cultural aspects of drug use.  This event was organised in collaboration with Scottish Drug Policy Conversations (SPDC)


January 2017: General Meeting and Open Forum

A participatory forum was organised around CHE’s role in community-based critical education. Achievements, opportunities and future plans were examined, along with challenges and current and potential fundraising efforts. This was followed by a visioning exercise from the CHE’s 45th anniversary in 2017, to our 50th anniversary in 2022. CHE fellow Alastair McIntosh commented on his work on behalf of CHE on the spirituality of understanding development.

February 2017: Communities on the Edge of Extraction; Palm Oil, Corporate Power and Indigenous Resistance

Peru against Palm Oil

A rountable was facilitated by Tom Younger around the case of Palm Oil extraction in Perú. Palm oil is increasingly found in a range of everyday items: foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and fuels. The expansion of large-scale oil palm plantations is responsible for dispossessing indigenous communities of their ancestral territories and has become a principal driver of deforestation.

February 2017: Lessons from America: militarism, trauma and resistance in post-9/11 USA, with Poppy Kohner


Poppy Kohner facilitated a discussion informed by the findings from her research, touching on the following areas:

– the culture of US militarism, military power and social control
– veteran identities and ‘the military imaginary’
– military culture as belonging forged through fear
– the concept of trauma and its roots in militarisation
– the intersection of militarism, trauma and resistance
– political organising as a tool of healing from trauma and militarism”


June and September 2017: Unbrexable: Connections and Caring in European Scotland


UNBREXABLE was the CHEs active response to Brexit: a series of interventions in June revolving around supporting and strengthening the kinds of emotional connections and caring- and grassroots European solidarity and movements- which are too often left out of political debates.

We had a delicious brunch buffet at The Project Cafe, a discussion and sharing about how we can co-create the kind of society we wish to be part of, in the wake of Brexit. Themes we bring to the table include food security, DIY solidarity and strengthening our connections with European social movements.


The event included also an interactive conference and gathering in Govan on 2nd September, 10am – 4pm around active citizenship, exploring initiatives and inquiring into how we need to collectively move forward to co-create social, ecological and economic solutions for the kind of society we want to live in.



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