In January 2012 he CHE helped organise the workshop Collaborating for Change: Communicating Across Differences to Unleash Energy & Resourcefulness, a series of colaborative workshops organised by Govan Together and inspired in  a course run by Miki Kashtan via BayNVC, www.baynvc.org.  In times of shrinking resources, our efforts to make Govan a resourceful and vibrant place requires we work more effectively together, foster a culture of dialogue, and achieve things at the same time as get on with people we work with.



In July 2012 professor Alastair McIntosh and members from the Centre for Human Ecology – Iain MacKinnon, Sibongile Pradhan, Camille Dressler and Vérène Nicolas – welcomed 14 delegates from the Indonesian province of Papua to visit the communities of Govan, Skye and Eigg. They included Maria Latumahina who came to the CHE as a Study Fellow last year, and who was supported in her independent study programme in Govan by a wide range of CHE members including Gerri Smyth, Jane Glenzinska and Miriam Rose.


In December 2012 CHE fellow Alastair McIntosh was recently interviewed on London-based Conscious TV. You can view the interview below during which he discusses ‘Community and The Divine Human Being’.

June 2012: Plans for an European Centre for Human Ecology

The German Society for Human Ecology has for a few years been discussing the possibilities of founding a European College of Human Ecology. Over the past two years this has developed into a fully formulated plan. Luke Devlin joined them for a workshop in Frankfurt in June 2012.

The whole idea follows the College of the Atlantic, whose founding and present Deans were present, and is based on the liberal arts colleges of the USA. German universities are suffering like ours in UK, except, it seems more so. Liberal subjects like sociology are more or less dead. The possibilities for human ecological thinking and teaching have practically vanished. So the new College would provide the base for a liberal education.



December 2012: GalGael and the Centre for Human Ecology present A Midwinter Moot

Near the Winter Solstice a unique evening of learning, music and fun was orgainised by CHE and GalGael.

Gordon Chalmers from the University of Queensland, Australia, will be here to share his ideas on ‘Family, Country, Community: Indigenous Australian Understandings of Kinship’ and we’ll all have a chance to share what family, country and community mean to us.

We’ll also have a performance from award-winning traditional singer and musician Mairi Campbell.

April 2013: Relaunching of the CHE Library

In April 2013, the Centre was awarded funding from Foundation Scotland and the Longstone Trust to improve and relaunch our library as a community resource. This involved opening the library to the public one day a week and holding associated learning events from then on.

June 2013: Jay Griffiths- Kith, The Riddle of the Childscape

Author Jay Griffiths shares her latest book ‘Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape’. This is the opening event of the Govan Folk University’s ‘Puppets in Partnership’ festival.

Kith examines the history of breaking the will of the child and explores issues of childhood privacy, contemporary surveillance, the importance of folk tales, children’s relationship with pets and the profound politics of childhood. It looks at the extraordinary psycho-drama played out when Settler children, taken by Native Americans, refused to be rescued, and includes the way children have seized power over their own lives. A book of stories, it includes the one real-life Lord of the Flies situation – with the result the reverse of Golding’s bleak vision.

September 2013: Peoples of the Sea: Climate Change and Political Struggle in a Divided Nation with John Ashton

One of the world’s top climate diplomats, John Ashton is now an independent commentator and adviser on the politics of climate change. From 2006-12 he served as Special Representative for Climate Change to three successive UK Foreign Secretaries, spanning the current Coalition and the previous Labour Government.

He was a cofounder and, from 2004-6, the first Chief Executive of the think tank E3G. From 1978-2002, after a brief period as a research astronomer, he was a career diplomat, with a particular focus on China. He is a visiting professor at the London University School of Oriental and African Studies, and a Distinguished Policy Fellow at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College.


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