2007:CHE Consulting is launched. Get Your Voice Heard! Report Launched

Scottish Parliament Sustainable Food Procurement: in 2003 the Parliament engaged the Centre for Human Ecology – led by Osbert Lancaster, now with Footprint Consulting – to help them define their policy, produce a statement of principles and develop a 3-step plan for implementation. This involved: interviews and workshops with Parliament staff; researching the sustainable procurement policies of other legislatures and public bodies internationally; understanding constraints and opportunities posed by EU and other legislation; and helping draft a policy and implementation plan that reflected the specific principles, responsibilities and culture of the Scottish Parliament.
Following implementation of the plan, in 2008 the Parliament launched its Responsible Purchasing Strategy, committing resources to the achievement of best practice, embedding Responsible Purchasing into all practices and encouraging suppliers to do the same.

Justin Kenrick, former member of CHE’s Academic Board and anthropology lecturer at the University of Glasgow, will be giving a talk on ‘Responding to the Ecological Crisis of Inequality,’ as part of the departmental seminar series of Geography & Sociology at the University of Strathclyde.


Students begin their studies in the final cohort to study the MSc in partnership with the University of Strathclyde.

Arts in Transformation: two speakers from Philadelphia’s BuildaBridge International, who will present a public forum on using the arts for social transformation.


Dr. Vivian Nix-Early is dean of the Campolo College: School for Social Change at Eastern University; she is a primary faculty member of the BuildaBridge Institute, teaching in the areas of curriculum writing and arts creativity in human development.

Dr. J Nathan Corbitt is Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies at Eastern University. He is the Co-ordinator of the Arts in Transformation Concentration of the MA in Urban Studies at The Campolo College: School for Social Change. Dr. Corbitt regularly consults and trains on cross-cultural issues in education, urban life, non-profit management and evaluation, and overseas living and travel. He has lectured or researched in over 35 countries.

Fellow Alastair McIntosh publishes ‘Hell and High Water’. Politics alone is not enough to tacke the likely scale of global warming – the root lies in our addictive consumer mentality. In a breath-taking journey through myth, philosophy and literature, McIntosh reveals the psychohistory of modernity. He shows how our inner lives have fallen prey to a numbing culture of violence and the motivational manipulation of marketing. To address what has become of the human condition we must learn to see beyond despair and even death. Only then will we discover the spiritual meaning of these, our troubled times; only then can a sense of magical and all that gives life start to mend a broken world.



Graduate Jamie Whittle’s book ‘White River’ goes into second printing.






September 2008: Launch for “Rekindling Community”

About the book: Rekindling Community: Connecting People, Environment and Spirituality is a Schumacher Briefing co-sponsored by the Centre for Human Ecology and WWF International. The publication also features a dozen pieces of research undertaken mainly by MSc Human Ecology students, collected and edited by CHE graduate Sam Harrison, funded by a research and development grant from Strathclyde University that was procured by Professor David Miller.

January 2011: A Revolution of Values: Materialism and its alternatives with Tim Kasser

In the runup to Christmas, we’re exposed to more and more advertising, encouraging us to spend our way to happiness. Our guest speaker, Tim Kasser, will present evidence for the high price of materialism and explore alternatives of what really makes a merry Christmas.

Tim Kasser, Ph.D., is Professor and Chair of Psychology at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. He has authored numerous scientific articles and book chapters on materialism, values, ecological sustainability, and quality of life, among other topics, and is also the author of three books, including The High Price of Materialism (MIT Press, 2002). Tim works extensively with a variety of activist and civil society organisations that protect children from commercialisation, that promote ecological sustainability, and that encourage a more “inwardly rich”

July 2011: CHE graduate Adam Weymouth featured in Guardian

CHE graduate Adam Weymouth recently wrote a piece for the Guardian’s Face to Faith series, about the lost art of hospitality, which he encountered and rediscovered on his journey through Turkey. Adam also recently spoke on this theme at a CHE event in Glasgow.

Love of strangers is a vital, open act and a risk worth taking.  Turkey shows we would do well to remember the dwindling art of hospitality…

October 2011: Global Ecology & Human Movements Action Forum 2008

Saturday October 11, 10am – 5pm & Sunday October 12, 10am – 5pm
STUC (Scottish Trade Union Council) 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow
A weekend aiming at participatory, creative and non-hierarchical education, run by students of two MSc’s – “Global Movements, Social Justice and Sustainability” (Glasgow University) and “Human Ecology” (Centre for Human Ecology/ Strathclyde University). They both combine activism with academia, their educational ethos being shaped by a participatory paradigm emerging from action research, phenomenology and systems theory. The programme includes a mixture of presentations of student’s dissertation research, participatory sessions, discussions, films, artworks and some games as used in rebel clowning.
This conference has the potential to be extended to a wider academic-activist network, accommodating other educational courses and/or individuals who want to get involved in shaping a new way we think about peer-based learning and building community, and holding that education should be freely accessible to all.

2009: In a recent letter to the G20 heads of state, the Centre for Human Ecology was one of 11 signatories, alongside the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the International Trade Union Confederation, WWF International, etc.


The Centre becomes independent of the University of Strathclyde and relocates to the Pearce Institute, Govan. A partnership is formed with other local organisations under the ‘Govan Folk University’ name.

Walking the Talk’: Adam Weymouth, Che graduate, writer, storyteller and walker, will share stories and discuss ideas about pilgrimage he gathered during his 8 month journey on foot from England to Istanbul last year. He will be joined by Reverend Moyna McGlynn, of Govan Parish Church, who will introduce him and set the scene for us with some stories and information about the importance of pilgrimage since early medieval times.


Wild Glaswegians: The event will focus on the history and traditions of herbs in Scotland. The event begins with a Herb Walk, led by herbalist Bill Cleeve, who will highlight the amazing variety of herbs that grow wild in Glasgow, and tell us a bit about them along the way. Then Amanda Edmiston, professional storyteller and herbal afficionado, will regale us with stories of mugworts and maidens, and more!
Louise Bustard, of the Glasgow Botanic Gardens will be spilling the secrets of some of the most exotic plants growing in Glasgow.
Ian Boyd of Glasgow City Council will be telling us about where we can find green spaces near us, from community gardens, to conservation areas, to natural woodlands, and more.

Aluminium, Development and Human Ecology: We are very lucky to have incredible guest Samarendra Das, activist/writer/film-maker from Orissa, India to open our minds and hearts on a huge variety of issues relevant to industry, community, modernity and development here in Scotland. Joined by Andrew Perchard, historian on the aluminium industry in the UK, and member of the Scottish Oral History Centre.

Celebrating the Spirit in post-industrial communities: The evening will explore the legacy left by industrialisation both in Govan, and in other communities in Glasgow, and beyond. It will also explore visions for the future of post industrial communities with our main speakers, Alastair McIntosh (author of ‘Soil and Soul’ and fellow of the Centre for Human Ecology) and Dr. Carol Craig (author of ‘the Tears that made the Clyde’, and Director of the Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing). There will also be some music and song from Tam McGarvey and friends from the GalGael.


October 2011: Kandinsky in Govan: Art, Spirituality and the Future

small international conference marking the 100th anniversary of the publication of Kandinsky’s ‘Concerning the Spiritual in Art’. Full proceedings, papers and archival material on curator Alastair McIntosh’s conference page.

December 2011:An Evening with David Abram

David Abram is a cultural ecologist and environmental philosopher who lectures and teaches widely on several continents. He is the author of Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology (Pantheon, 2010), and The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World (Vintage, 1997). Hailed as “revolutionary” by the Los Angeles Times, as “daring” and “truly original” by Science, David’s work has helped catalyze the emergence of several new disciplines, including the burgeoning field of ecopsychology. Named by both the Utne Reader and Resurgence as one of a hundred visionaries transforming contemporary culture, he’s been the recipient of various awards and fellowships, including the international Lannan Literary Award for nonfiction. David’s essays on the cultural causes and consequences of environmental disarray are published in numerous magazines, scholarly journals, and anthologies. Co-founder of the Alliance for Wild Ethics (AWE), he lives with his family in the foothills of the southern Rockies.

Join us for an engaging, deep, wide-ranging evening with David, as part of our Govan Conversations learning series.

Entry is by donation, and includes a shared meal provided by LEGUP.


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