During this period, the Centre continued with its lecture series, and began to deliver its acclaimed MSc in Human Ecology, initially through Edinburgh University.

Partial chronology:

1991: Alastair McIntosh begins work on land reform through the Isle of Eigg Trust

1991: Lecture series: Ecology and Decision Making

1991: The Centre delivers the pilot for its MSc in Human Ecology, which will run at Edinburgh University until 1996.

1991/92: Lecture series: European Responsibilities for the Global Environment

Development, Debt, and social disaster: Jackie Roddick, Research Fellow, Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Glasgow

A Third World World: Cristovam Buarque, Professor of Economics and former Rector, University of Brazilia, later to become Governor of the Brazilia District

1992: Lecture series: Beyond the Earth Summit

1993: Lecture series: Envisioning the Future & The Greening of Trade and Industry

1995: The Centre’s director, Ulrich Loening, retires but continues teaching as emeritus director. Edinburgh University’s first proposal to close the Centre, citing budget constraints, is rejected by the university court.

1995: Lecture series: Creating a Future, Practical Action & Views from the Humanities

1996: Lecture series: The Land and the People

Focus on the Countryside: Dr Eleanor Morris, National Trust for Scotland

Environmental Volunteers, New Attidudes for Old: Drennan Watson, consultant

Why Landownership Matters and What We Should Do About It: Andy Wightman, author and land reform campaigner

A Sense of Belonging – People in Lowland Communities: Reverend Kathy Galloway, Iona Community.

Active Environments: George Monbiot, author and journalist

The Millenium Forest: Simon Pepper, Head, WWF Scotland

Problems in Partnership: Campbell Gemmell, Central Scotland Countryside Trust

The Landowners Perspective: Andrew Dingwall-Fordyce, Scottish Landowners Federation

Policy for the Land and Sustainability: Tim Birley, formerly Scottish Office


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