this period prior to the development of the MSc, the Centre delivered a number of pioneering multidisciplinary lecture series. A partial chronology of the activities of the Centre in this era:

1972: The Centre is established at Edinburgh University by Conrad Waddington as The School of the Man Made Future.

1977/78: Lecture series: Ecology and the Future of Mankind: An Enquiry into Human Need

1978: Lecture series: Population and Society

1979: Lecture series: Energy and Society & A Divided World

1980: Lecture series: A World Divided: the Outlook for the 1980s & Personal Involvement

1981: Lecture series: World in Crisis

1982: Lecture series: Politics of the Environment

1983: Lecture series: Patterns of Change in the Environment

1984: Lecture series: Barriers to an Ecological Society

1985: Lecture series: Steps towards an Ecological Future & The Resolution of Conflict

1986: Lecture series: Change and Conflict

The Management of conflict in organisations and society: Drummond Hunter, chairman of the Scottish Institute of Human Relations, Edinburgh

The Process of Residential Change: Dr Alison McCleery, Dept of Industrial and Social Studies, Napier University

The Creation of an Underclass- Living in two worlds: Graham White, director of the Environment Centre, Edinburgh

1986/87: Lecture series: Health for Land and People

Towards the Health of the World Environment: Professor Emeritus P Johnson-Marshall, Dept. of Urban Design and Regional Planning, Director, Patrick Geddes Centre for Planning Studies

The development and potential of organic agriculture methods in Scotland: Angus Marland, co-ordinator of Lothian Energy group, Centre for Human Ecology

Population, Resources and Wellbeing: Jane King, Centre for Human Ecology

1987: Lecture series: Ecology and Moral Choice

Atonement and Reversibility: the areas of decision-making: Carl Amery, essayist on ecological issues and co-founder of German Green Party, Munich

Poverty and the decline of justice: Kevin Dunion, Friends of the Earth, Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Environmental Planning at the University of Strathclyde.

1988: Lecture series: Ecology and Economic Choice & Initiatives towards Sustainable Development

1989: Lecture series: Projects towards Sustainability

1989/90: Lecture series: Ecology of Nations

1990: Lecture series: The Politics of Ecological Decision Making


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