Degrowth in Scotland: Real People in a Real Place

McLeod Hall, the Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 3UU

Degrowth in Practice II

Presented by the Centre for Human Ecology and Enough! Scotland

In this teach-in, we ‘dig where we stand’ by learning from Gaelic culture in the Highlands and Islands and looking at current and past community projects and social movements to outline a Degrowth vision for Scotland and examine the ideas of Commons and Conviviality as political concepts.

With contributions from Enough! Scotland’s Degrowth Network, the Scottish degrowth magazine LESS and market gardener and food security activist Abi Mordin, who will facilitate Nourish Scotland and Propagate’s Agroecological Jigsaw.

Part of

The Degrowth Sessions: Planting an Economy for All

November 4, 10am – 12pm Degrowth, not Green Growth: Economics as if Life Matters

November 4, 1pm – 3pm Care as Commons: Feminist and Postcolonial Economics

November 8, 10am – 12pm Energy Transitions, Climate Justice and Human Needs

November 8, 1pm – 3pm Degrowth in Scotland: Real People in a Real Place

The Degrowth Sessions are loosely based on our online Degrowth Course which ran in 2020 and 2021. To access a pdf. version of the Creative Commons licensed handbook accompanying the course, follow this link.