1972 – 1990

During this period prior to the development of the MSc, the Centre delivered a number of pioneering multidisciplinary lecture series. A partial chronology of the activities of the Centre in this era:

1972: The Centre is established at Edinburgh University by Conrad Waddington as The School of the Man Made Future.

1977/78: Lecture series: Ecology and the Future of Mankind: An Enquiry into Human Need

1978: Lecture series: Population and Society

1979: Lecture series: Energy and Society & A Divided World

1980: Lecture series: A World Divided: the Outlook for the 1980s & Personal Involvement

1981: Lecture series: World in Crisis

1982: Lecture series: Politics of the Environment

1983: Lecture series: Patterns of Change in the Environment

1984: Lecture series: Barriers to an Ecological Society

1985: Lecture series: Steps towards an Ecological Future & The Resolution of Conflict

1986: Lecture series: Change and Conflict

The Management of conflict in organisations and societyDrummond Hunter, chairman of the Scottish Institute of Human Relations, Edinburgh

The Process of Residential ChangeDr Alison McCleery, Dept of Industrial and Social Studies, Napier University

The Creation of an Underclass- Living in two worldsGraham White, director of the Environment Centre, Edinburgh

1986/87: Lecture series: Health for Land and People

Towards the Health of the World Environment: Professor Emeritus P Johnson-Marshall, Dept. of Urban Design and Regional Planning, Director, Patrick Geddes Centre for Planning Studies

The development and potential of organic agriculture methods in ScotlandAngus Marland, co-ordinator of Lothian Energy group, Centre for Human Ecology

Population, Resources and Wellbeing: Jane King, Centre for Human Ecology

1987: Lecture series: Ecology and Moral Choice

Atonement and Reversibility: the areas of decision-makingCarl Amery, essayist on ecological issues and co-founder of German Green Party, Munich

Poverty and the decline of justiceKevin Dunion, Oxfam

1988: Lecture series: Ecology and Economic Choice & Initiatives towards Sustainable Development

1989: Lecture series: Projects towards Sustainability

1989/90: Lecture series: Ecology of Nations

1990: Lecture series: The Politics of Ecological Decision Making