What We Offer

The Centre has delivered a range of highly-regarded consultancy services. Click on this link to see a list of our previous clients and projects. Contact us if your organisation is interested in any of the following:

Awareness Raising
Engage your team with the opportunities and challenges of sustainability. Our ‘Walk the Talk’ guided walks and workshops in Scotland’s wild places build staff engagement by linking their personal perspectives and the organisation’s sustainability strategies with the ecosystem on which we all depend. Exciting and inclusive experiences of the natural environment inspire practical action for change.


Biodiversity, critical for the ecosystem services we take for granted, is high on the sustainability agenda. Is your organisation part of the solution yet? Are you compliant with the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004? We can help you support and enhance biodiversity through existing and new activities in line with your organisation’s objectives.

Carbon Management
Carbon productivity – producing more with less carbon – will increasingly become a defining feature of successful organisations. To manage carbon, you need to measure it. We can carry out a carbon audit, set up a carbon management framework, develop a strategy to reduce carbon output, and advise on carbon offseting as an interim solution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is changing the business landscape. Increasingly, businesses large and small are using CSR as a framework to manage and demonstrate their impact on society – and generate business advantage. We carry out CSR reviews and advise on implementation and reporting.

Ecological Footprinting
Ecological Footprinting is a powerful approach to measuring the environmental impact of any activity. Footprinting takes account of the consumption of almost all renewable and non-renewable resources – not just carbon production. We can calculate the ecological footprint of your organisation, policy, product or project – and prepare different scenarios to help you prioritise investment.

Economic Impact Assessment

Can you demonstrate the economic benefit your organisation has on the local economy and other stakeholders? We undertake economic impact assessments that examine organisations’ spending – such as employment, procurement, profits and taxes – and calculate the benefits to the local community and other target groups. The assessment can support investment plans, corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategies.

Responsible Procurement
Do you know what’s happening in your supply chain? A responsible procurement strategy is not only important to understand and manage social and environmental impacts, is is also a crucial tool for reputation management. We can help you understand your supply chain impacts, and develop a strategy and procedures for purchasing ethically and responsibly.

Social Impact Assessment
Employment, skills, equalities, access to services, child labour, human rights – an organisation’s social impact can be complex. A positive impact can bring multiple benefits for the organisation; a negative impact, short and long term risk. We can help you take the first step to improve social performance: identifying the people and communities who benefit from – and are disadvantaged by – your organisation and its products and services.

Sustainability Strategies
If everyone in the world lived as we do in the UK, we would need three planets to provide our resources and absorb our wastes. The shift towards more sustainable ways of delivering products and services creates both challenges and opportunities. We work with forward thinking organisations to chart strategic and pragmatic routes towards greater environmental and social performance.


The Centre for Human Ecology is an independent academic institute, network, registered cooperative, and registered charity based in Glasgow, Scotland, with an international membership of graduates and fellows. It exists to stimulate and support fundamental change towards ecological and social justice through education, action and research, drawing on a holistic, multidisciplinary understanding of environmental and social systems.


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