Unbrexable: Connections and Caring in European Scotland

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Call for Contributions



We are seeking the following contributions and proposals:

Stand-alone events: roundtables, talks, blog posts & creative interventions between now and 2nd September – ongoing submissions welcome: no deadline

Contributions for the UNBREXABLE Conference (2nd September 2017, 10am – 4pm, in the Pearce Institute, Govan): presentations, exhibitions, discussion groups, performances, screenings of relevant films… innovative formats are encouraged! - deadline 24th July



Human-scale intimacy and relationships have been diminished in current political and mainstream media discourse, with European Scots and other migrants reduced to ‘bargaining chips’ with uncertain futures instead of valued and loved citizens with a right to belong. It has led to a coarsening of debate, and an understanding that we can no longer take for granted the kind of inclusive welcoming European Scotland we desire and voted for: we have to actively co-create it. UNBREXABLE will consist of a series of events and interventions, leading up to the conference in September.

UNBREXABLE is the Centre for Human Ecology’s active response to Brexit: a series of interventions and a conference revolving around supporting and strengthening the kinds of emotional connections and caring- and grassroots European solidarity and movements- which are too often left out of political debates.



In the post-Article 50 period of political upheaval, austerity and uncertainty, actively forging and nurturing connections between communities and social movements is essential, both within Scotland and across the rest of Europe. In doing so, we affirm our status as part of the European community, and explore the alternatives to a neoliberal and British nationalist hard Brexit.

In this series, we offer a place for reflection, analysis and action, with an emphasis on effective collaboration and hospitality. From our base in the diverse community of Govan, Glasgow, we will carry out a series of roundtables, cultural happenings, and a one-day conference. All events will be documented by video or audio outputs and blogposts which will be disseminated. This will ensure a) each session is summarised and shared, and b) European Scots (those who hosted/ spoke or performed at roundtables or cultural events and conference) are invited to reflect on what connections and caring mean to them in a European Scotland today.

The desired outcomes will be not only the events and an archive of digital resources documenting the activity, but an increased sense of care and connection, and an understanding of possible ways to effectively move forward, for the participants and attendees.

The series will have a strong emphasis on being led by European and other migrant Scots, especially those marginalised and most affected by Brexit: ‘nothing about us without us is for us’.


About the call for submissions

We are looking for contributions from scholars, activists, artists, practitioners and anyone with a voice and perspective that can add to the conversation.

We invite proposals for one-off contributions to take place in the period from June-September in the form of roundtables, artistic offerings, or musical performances.

For the September conference, we are looking for paper presentations, exhibitions, discussion groups, performances, screenings of relevant films…

Taking a transdisciplinary approach, conference programming will invite explorations of (but not limited to) the following themes:

- historical and cultural perspectives on European Scotland

- strategies and tactics to resist Brexit (e.g. the role of citizen diplomacy, constitutional crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer networking and the Internet of Agreements)

- strengthening pan-European movements to challenge neoliberal European governance and build alternatives that foster social and ecological justice (e.g. Degrowth, basic income, feminism and co-operative economics)

- how to build migrant solidarity and nurture friendship and community for all

- resisting nativist populism and the far-right in Scotland

We will provide a venue, promotion and can pay a limited amount of expenses for travel and materials (please state how much you need in advance, and we will let you know if it’s possible). Currently we do not have a budget to pay fees to all contributors, but if we are successful in our quest for match funding, this may change.


Please send proposals of no longer than 200 words outlining the content, format, how it fits in with the themes and/or framework of Unbrexable, together with a short biography, to info@che.ac.uk

A pdf document of the Call for Contributions can be downloaded here.

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