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Seeking devoted minds and hands: join our Board of Directors to support co-operative education in human ecology

The CHE is in an exciting new phase as an Education Co-operative, while also facing a number of questions in relation to our ongoing work.

How to build on a nearly 50 year long legacy while forging new directions and involving more radical educators?

How to embed worker / learner hybrid co-operative structures across the current group of 6 directors, 60 members and wider network of 300+ people?

The following work strands are currently in progress:

  • Local learning in Govan and the ‘Govan Folk University’
  • ‘U-Explore’ – a pilot course enabling young people in Govan to feel empowered and discover their potential,
  • as a founding member of the Co-operative University Project in Manchester, supporting the set-up of pioneering co-operative degree programmes,
  • contributing to alternative events around the COP 26 summit in Glasgow in 2020 and
  • documenting our 50 year archive of human ecology in Scotland; and recommencing accredited human ecology courses at the CHE.

If you are considering joining our Board, please have a look at the

Please email with a short (up to one page) Expression of Interest and include your CV.



The Centre for Human Ecology is an independent academic institute, network, registered cooperative, and registered charity based in Glasgow, Scotland, with an international membership of graduates and fellows. It exists to stimulate and support fundamental change towards ecological and social justice through education, action and research, drawing on a holistic, multidisciplinary understanding of environmental and social systems.