Members’ Meetings

If you are interested in joining our budding education co-operative, this is a great time to become a member of CHE and get involved!


Public Talk & Members’ Meeting:

Join us in the Billiard Hall, The Pearce Institute (G51 3UU) on Wednesday 2nd October, 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

‘Why Scotland Needs Beavers’ by Richard Horobin

Public Talk: Scotland has a variety of environmental problems, including flooding, soil erosion, water quality and biodiversity loss. What these problems have in common is that they could be ameliorated by a relatively simple intervention: maintaining and encouraging wetlands. We might try to do this for ourselves, but much better would be to encourage beavers to do the job. They’re good at it, they’re highly motivated and very persistent, and they’re cheap with it. But beavers and beaver wetlands would not be a free lunch: there would be costs and conflicts, albeit these could usually be mitigated.

Bio: Richard Horobin is a biologist, consultant and Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow.

“For me, doing science began with my working in an industrial customer service lab, followed by a PhD in a chemistry department – after which I’ve largely worked with academic structural biology groups. However, an enthusiasm for dyestuff chemistry with biomedical applications has proved lifelong.”

There’ll be a Members’ Meeting following the talk, with a special focus: in recent years at CHE, we’ve had more of a human focus than an ecological focus. Should we restore a more equal balance, and if so, how should we go about this?

Please rsvp by emailing

About CHE Members’ Meetings

CHE Members’ Meetings are open to members and everyone who considers joining CHE.

What we’ll discuss: Building on conversations at past meetings (see minutes below), we continue to review how we can work more co-operatively and involve more members. We’d like to hear your views on this and on how we can best involve you in our various work strands – including co-operative university, fundraising or events.

We’d also like to hear from YOU: our members. If there is something you would like to propose, contribute, discuss, or a specific question you’d like answered, please let us know by Tuesday evening before the meeting, and we’ll add it to the agenda.

For our online meetings, we use a video conferencing programme called Zoom – ideally you need access to a computer, but you can also dial in from a phone. Zoom is free to download from here. If members would like a free training session on how to use it, please let us know!


Minutes of past meetings:

Click on the links to read a summary of the updates and discussions, where available.

4th September 2019 (cancelled)

7th August 2019, and Roundtable with Maria Latumahina

3rd July 2019 (online)

29th May 2019 (online)

20th February 2019 (Pearce Institute)


Future meetings:

These will be held on the first Wednesday of every month.

6th November 2019 (online)

4th December 2019 in the Pearce Institute: seasonal get-together

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